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   Holidays in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Holidays in Dubai are fresh into the 21st Century. Visit Dubai with the family in the summer - Dubai is a city where old meets new, with a pleasant climate year round and mile upon mile of golden sandy beaches and glimmering waters that complement the hustle and bustle of city life.

This year-round sunny destination has transformed itself slowly over the last thirty years into a veritable playground of pleasure, to rival some of the greatest resorts in the world. Some of the hotels are truly out of this world, some make them a destination in themselves. If the idea of 6 star service and luxury is what you are looking for, it was invented here. Each new luxury hotel competes to outdo the last by a country mile.

Holidays in Dubai

In a nutshell beach holidays in Dubai are stunningly amazing and you could easily spend your time just relaxing in that reliably dependable sunshine, but for for the fact you are in a tax-free haven and there's shopping to be done! Shopping is a hugely popular pastime, so much so there is even a yearly shopping festival. Can you believe it! There are over 20 huge, air-conditioned shopping malls awaiting the arrival of you and your desire for that tax-free bargain. In the famous souks you'll find everything under the sun, literally: gold, spices, jewellery, silks, designer clothes and more, much more. Away from the fixed price stores be prepared to get your bartering skills in order.

Holidays in Dubai

Holidays in Dubai can be crammed with excursions and cultural trips and there are ample water sports to be enjoyed too. You can travel up Dubai Creek on a traditional wooden dhow, take a camel ride into the desert or even go to the races, camel races that is! It's fun as well as fast, but as a spectator you may just reflect that this is the favourite sport of local sheiks.

Holidays in Dubai

There are 4x4 trips out into the desert sand dunes and dry, rocky river beds, called wadi bashing here. Follow scenic desert paths perfect for bird watching.

Golfing holidays in Dubai are catching on fast also now there are some top-class courses to sample. You are unlikely to be rained off here!

When the sun goes down, and the evening cools, you can immerse yourself in Dubai's vibrant nightlife, with a wealth of world-class restaurants, bars and clubs. As well as local Arab food there is an opportunity to get a taste of the rest of the world's cuisine.

Holidays in Dubai

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Dubai Islamic Holy Days and National Holidays 2008 -09 - January ** (Islamic New Year) - March 31 (Prophet's Birthday) - August ** (Leilat Al Meiraj) - October ** (Eid Al Fitr) - December 02 (UAE National Day) - December ** (Arafa Day) - December ** (Eid Al Adha)

On an evening or during the day you will discover that Dubai restaurants provide a wide variety of international cuisines as well as many places specialising in local and national delicacies popular throughout the United Arab Emirates.

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